Zambah is Changing the Way we Discover New Music

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by Kenneth Asafo, CEO & Co-founder of Zambah

The Independent music scene has been emerging and growing over the past few years, with countless musicians trying to find a suitable outlet to expose their music as well as engage their fans; but have only come across barriers or dead ends.

At Zambah, we have created a unique experience for both musicians and music lovers alike. A chance for musicians to upload, share and sell their songs directly to their fan base. A way for anyone and everyone to discover brand new music in the matter of seconds. We do this by organizing songs in a new and trendy manor by tagging each song with “hashtags” that users can easily use to discover brand new songs based on the mood they are in, genre of music, or even by the artist’s name.

We have recently released our beta; resulting in a great response from music lovers and musicians. Over 200+ users have signed up and are currently using the Zambah platform. We have gained a variety of new musicians who have also been featured on our blog thanks to their incredible content and high quality music.

At this stage of our company, we are solely focused on building a passionate community of artists and music lovers who want to help us push the indie music scene to new heights. We truly value community feedback as their help and advice will give us the right insight needed to make us a great community driven platform for discovering new music.

For any more information on who we are and what we do, please visit Or check out some of our great features at and discover some of the best songs that you’ve never heard!

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