The Spark Angel Investor Network launches in Durham

Spark Angel Network provides a much-needed source of private investment capital for high growth businesses in Durham and surrounding areas that create jobs and wealth in our communities.

Whitby, Ontario. September 20, 2012. The Spark Centre is pleased to announce the launch of the Spark Angel Network.

“An Angel Investor Network is a critical building block of a vibrant innovation community”, says Martin Croteau, Executive Director of the Spark Centre. “The launch of the Spark Angel Network means new and growing companies will have a source of private investment capital which up until now has been lacking in our region”.

As an integral part of the Spark Centre, the goal of the Spark Angel Network is to provide its members with access to quality investment opportunities while providing them a forum for sharing risk and expertise. As well as being an important source of investment capital, the Spark Angel Network is an opportunity for high net-worth individuals in our community to share their resources and business experience to help build sustainable, innovative companies that create high paying jobs.

“The jobs and wealth that these companies create have wide ranging benefits to the economy and culture of our community”, says Malcolm MacTaggart, the Spark Angel Network’s newly minted Executive Director.

The Spark Angel Network is currently operational and several investment opportunities are under consideration by members. To learn more about the Spark Angel Network, how to become a member or how to be considered as a potential investment opportunity, please visit us at

Pdf: Spark Angel Network Press Release

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