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Funding is an integral part of the startup journey but knowing what funding opportunities are available, not to mention where to start in the process, can be a challenge—ensuring that your business obtains the highest return on your Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) applications and the best chances of “winning” a grant require expertise and experience.  That’s where invaluable business leaders, like RDP Associates, come in.
From SR&ED tax credit claims to government grant applications, RDP Associates helps businesses in any industry to give them the best chance to garner the funding support they need for growth.



RDP was founded in 1987 by Brian Cookson, who served as a tax specialist with Ernst & Young. With so many clients requesting his assistance in preparing SR&ED tax credit claims and grant applications, Cookson recognized a demand for this service and decided to start his own firm.  Today, RDP works with companies of all sizes, in all industries and within Canada, the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. To date, RDP has prepared over 10,000 R&D tax credit claims in addition to helping clients identify and prepare government grant applications.

RDP relieves the burden of preparing these applications so businesses can focus on other areas for growth. RDP begins with an overview of the company’s business plan and operations for the next twelve months. In as little as an hour, RDP can assess the refund of that company’s SR&ED tax credit claim and which grants would be relevant for their operations.


“Canada gives more refundable tax credits and grants to SMEs than any other country.”


Just how successful is RDP in helping companies find funding opportunities? Recently, RDP onboarded a new client with a cleantech software solution. Within two months of submitting the claim, RDP was able to facilitate an SR&ED refund and apply for five grants with three approvals and two pending.

 “Canada gives more refundable tax credits and grants to SMEs than any other country.” RDP says, “However, these tax credits and grants are not guaranteed, and most business owners say that they don’t know where to begin or how to access this funding. This is where outsourcing to a qualified professional makes sense for their business.”

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