How to Hire Your First Salesperson

June 6, 2024

About The Masterclass

Sales revenue is the lifeblood of your startup. If you don't have sales it's almost impossible to get investment. If you don't have sales you are never going to create a scalable, successful company. Most founders of technology startups are excellent at the design and development of their products but are completely out of their comfort zone when it comes to building a sales team. It doesn't matter how good your product is, if you can get in front of customers you won't succeed, and if you can't find salespeople you won't find customers. Ask yourself. Do you want to spend your time selling or do you want to build a company?

Spark Advisor Robert Weese has been there and done it many times. As the director of sales for a business technology product he scaled from $0 to over $7.4 million in annual sales with a 39% year-over-year annual growth for 5 years. He has helped Startups scale from $0 revenue to millions of dollars in annual sales. He knows about hiring, managing, training, and motivating sales teams and has repeated this success with many technology-based startups. Join us for this high-engagement, high energy and fun workshop that will help you get on the path to building your own sales team.

Learning Outcomes

  • 4 stages of startup sales
  • When to hire a salesperson
  • How to hire
  • Developing a sales process
  • Options for outsourcing sales functions
  • How to make your sales rep successful in 90 days or less

About Robert Weese

Bob has worked with startup companies in Medical tech, high tech, software, broadcasting, manufacturing and many diverse markets. He has the unique ability to help founders with technical backgrounds better communicate their value to prospective customers and investors. A former broadcaster with a long history of entrepreneurship Bob specializes in helping you develop strong sales and presentation skills. Spark clients have been able to quickly accelerate their sales under his guidance and a few have made it onto the Dragons’ Den and secured large investment deals.

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