Course: Communicate with Confidence

March 11, 2024

Studies have shown that most business people rank their communications skills as "above average" or "exceptional". Whereas, customers rate those same people as poor to average at best. As you can see there is a huge disconnect. This disconnect is further amplified when you are selling a highly technical product and your buyers or prospects fail to understand the message you are trying to convey.

Previous Spark Clients who attended the course with Bob have shared:

“… my confidence has gone up tenfold. … was like a crash course for a bachelor's in communications. The amount I learned in a span of weeks was incredible….”

"… integral in the development of my speaking skills and business presentations. … thorough and teaches you all the necessary fundamentals to becoming a more effective speaker."

"As someone with experience in both sales and communications, through this course I found it is amazing all the bad habits you can develop if left unchecked. …steady progression week after week. …helped me correct a lot of my bad habits while refining my good habits so I can better convey and articulate my messages. I highly recommend this course - whether you are just starting or have experience in sales…”

If you are looking to improve your skills so you can give better sales presentationscommunicate more effectively with your team, clients, investors, and peers, then this 10-week workshop will help you:

  • Connect /attract more customers
  • Present your ideas
  • Improve your pitch
  • Secure transactions

Course Schedule

  • Schedule: Mondays, 1:00pm-2:00pm EST for 10 Weeks
  • Date: Monday, March 11 - Monday, May 13
  • Capacity: Maximum 10 Attendees


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