Coffee with Creative Spark Presents: Launching Your eCommerce Journey

July 15, 2024

Launching Your eCommerce Journey

Embarking on your eCommerce journey is an exciting first step to selling your product. During this session we will touch on many topics including, eCommerce Platforms, Design, Order Processing, Shipping, and Marketing.

From carefully choosing an eCommerce platform that aligns with your business goals to getting your product into a customer’s hands, we will discuss the key elements that you need to prepare for during the first steps of your eCommerce journey.

Coffee with Creative Spark

Marketing and branding is a crucial aspect to growing your business and developing a presence! Not only are you creating a look, but familiarity associated with your brand. Creative Spark is our in house marketing team that are the experts in the areas of:

  • Public Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Planning
  • Web Design

L earning Outcomes

  • Understand what resources are available to you as a Spark Client
  • Ensure that you're planning a marketing strategy
  • Network with our Marketing Team, Spark Employees & Other Entrepreneurs
  • Understand what aspects of marketing is needed for your company's brand

Creative Spark Website:

About Creative Spark

Spark Centre was set up in 2010 as one of many Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) across the province. Alongside the other RICs across Ontario, we provide resources and on the ground commercialization and services to innovative and technology-based entrepreneurs and businesses.

We serve technology and innovation entrepreneurs who require knowledge and support to launch, develop and grow. In order to be a client at the Spark Centre your business needs to be under five years incorporated, and you must be making less than 1 million dollars annually in revenue. Your product or service must be innovative; it must be creating something new or improving an existing product or service. It must also have some level of technology; such as breakthrough research, ICT devices, or products or services based on the internet.

Creative Spark is part of the Spark Centre Group of Companies.

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Peter Crouse


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Dave Miller

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