Spark Centre’s Annual Report Has Arrived!

This year’s annual general meeting was a great success! Spark Centre shared our numerous successes from this past year, introduced some of our incredible entrepreneurs and announced our exciting plans for the future!

Our annual report is now accessible online. Click on the links below to read through all that we have been up to and a sneak peek into our up and coming special interest issue of The Spark!

“The move from Fiscal Year 2019 to 2020 brought about numerous changes. We saw an increase in innovation, growth and investment within the Region and this catapulted entrepreneurs into a new age of opportunity. For Spark Centre in particular, this time of change presented us with an opportunity to make changes and do even greater things — to expand our programming, to enrich our collaboration and to accelerate our inno- vative community to new heights.”Growth on the Heels of Change, 2020 Annual Report




Click here to download the full Annual Report
Click here to download The Spark sneak peek issue


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