Spark Centre Pens Article About Immigrant Entrepreneurship That Canada Should Hear




Spark Centre‘s President and CEO, Sherry Colbourne, has written a contemplative article about how immigrant entrepreneurs play a unique role in this country’s economic development and why Canada needs to clear the backlog before we lose these founders and companies to other countries. The article was published in the Toronto Star on February 26, 2022.



“Most have two degrees, some have three degrees, in their area of expertise. They’ve spent decades in their fields, they’ve become experts and have decided to create a business abroad with all the knowledge and network amassed throughout their careers. They typically arrive with their own savings plus $400,000 to $500,000 in investment capital. We should want these talented people setting up shop here — as quickly as possible.”, she writes. 


You can read the full article that appeared in the Toronto Star HERE




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