Spark Centre Client Update: New Music Discovery App “Zambah” Announces Public Beta

Spark Centre client, Zambah announced that public beta for their new application has begun. No longer, will the general public have to wait for an invitation because they can now instantly create a Zambah account directly from the main website.

The Zambah platform provides independent artists with the most important tools needed to gain valuable exposure to their musical content, as well as leverage their existing fan base for further expansion. Early beta users will have the opportunity to become contributors to a growing independent music community within the platform. Zambah’s objectives during public beta are to utilize early adopters for guidance during development, collect valuable feedback to improve the platform and target specific thought leaders that can help fuel its growth.

“Public beta is an important milestone for Zambah because we’ll finally be able to start the process of building a community of music lovers that value the creative offerings provided by independent artists.” says Kenneth Asafo, CEO of Zambah, “Our main goal is to be a reliable platform that focuses on the basic essentials needed to promote and expose the independent music scene to a wider audience.”

Zambah’s features are unique because of their minimalistic approach to music sharing and discovery. Their platform focuses on the fundamental needs of an independent musician, which are to seamlessly upload musical content that can be easily discovered by a new listener. Zambah chose to start a public beta stripped of the distractive bells and whistles that their competitors may have, because they believe there is much more value in focusing on and enhancing the user’s experience.

Within 3 easy steps, musicians who participate in Zambah’s beta will be to create an account, upload a song, and provide a song with 3 hashtags. After completing these steps, the listener community on Zambah can easily discover and share the song. The app’s “Discover” feature builds on the idea of making the process of finding new music as efficient as possible for the listener. This is accomplished by utilizing artist submitted hashtags based on genres, moods and feelings that are used to create a random playlist of 30 second song snippets. The listener is able to quickly swipe through songs until they find something they like and with a simple tap of a button, songs can be saved in the “Likes” section for access to the full length song.

About Zambah: Zambah is a free music discovery platform dedicated to exposing and growing the reach of independent music across the world. Starting as an idea by three students with a passion for music, Zambah has now evolved into a functional app that is now available for Android and PC. Founded in October 2013, Zambah is headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario. Visit for more information.


For further information:
Kenneth Asafo, CEO and Co-Founder, Zambah
[email protected]

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