Spark Centre Announces Cohort 2: Fall Student and Youth Incubator


Spark Centre is pleased to announce Cohort 2: Fall Student and Youth Incubator! Congratulations to the following start-up companies who have been chosen to join the 10-week program.

1. Henlen Watches
Henlen Watches have created interchangeable smart watches that allow the user to pop the “smart” component out and insert it into different types of watchbands. Their vision is to offer several types of fashionable watchbands for all situations.

2. Ideal Compass
Ideal Compass is a web application company that increases the time efficiency, business management, and sale closures for travel agents. Their goal is to help agents that struggled in the previous years due to websites wholesalers service their customers better and help make them more money.

3. Belle in a Box
Belle in a Box helps companies to promote their product or service to their fan base using a subscription outlet. By working together, they use creative methods to enhance the user experience; adding on to a customers already present and predominant product experience.

4. Spectro
Spectro is a paint mixing device designed to help artists create masterpieces easily and effectively. By using online cloud software, artists can select colour values in the form of a hex code, ratio or picture and send it to the Spectro. The Spectro then prints out this colour with accuracy.

5. GoOrganic
GoOrganic is a web and mobile platform that will bring buyers and sellers of organic products together – providing greater visibility to sellers, and greater opportunity to consumers of organic products. The platform will bridge the current gap that exists between local and global producers and consumers of organics.

6. Charleton’s Flavoured Coco
Charleton’s Flavoured Coco provides unique, hand-created, hot chocolate flavours. Sold online at first, flavours such as Caramel, Birthday Cake, Strawberry, and Cookies & Creme and many more will be available. The products will first be sold in take home sizes online, with ready-to-drink options bring provided from a store front later.

The goal of Spark Centre’s Student and Youth Incubator program is to help entrepreneurs validate their business ideas and take those ideas to market quickly. It also aims to provide practical exposure to entrepreneurship as a career path.

The incubator provides the entrepreneurs with free office space at The Loft, a state-of-the-art environment in Durham Region. They will also have access to one on one mentoring, job shadowing, peer group best practices, partner programs, coaching, and support for youth grants and loans.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

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