IP Assist Program

Spark Centre’s implementation of the IP Assist Program is designed to support innovative technology companies so they can understand, assess and make strategic business decisions with regards to their company’s Intellectual Property innovations. The program is structured into two different steps:

IP Education & Awareness


Tech firms have access to a 2-hour free consultation to help them betterunderstand IP and how their innovations can be transformed into valuable assets. You can choose to workwith our internal IP Advisor, Tony Orsi, your own IP Expert or choose from our IP Expert Referral List.

IP Landscape Brief


Tech firms receive services valued up to $10K towards the development of an IPLandscape Brief that supports the firm’s business goals. Strategic IP Landscape Briefs* provide an analysis of the company’s innovation that reveals business, scientific or technological trends, typically with a focuson a single geographic region, industry or technology at a point in time. The tech firm is required to pay a $250 administration fee upon approval.

*Landscape Briefs do not provide a legal opinion

In addition to these three steps, tech firms will have access to an additional 2-hour free consultation with Spark Centre’s IP Advisor, Tony Orsi from Bereskin and Parr, to address any concerns or opportunities regarding their IP.

Why Take Part In The IP Assist Program?

With a worldwide competitive landscape where innovative tech firms from around the world compete to get market share, the role of IP is becoming an increasingly important factor of success. Having a basic understanding of the threats and opportunities of IP is fundamental to attract resources and differentiate a company in the eyes of clients. Even if you are at an early stage of developing your product, taking advantage of the education and awareness part of the IP Program, the 2-hour free consultation, will help you to assess your current status and what the next steps are for your IP strategy. Here are some examples of how IP could impact some areas of your business that you may not have considered:



Human Resources


Revenue Generation


How to take part in the IP Assist program

The IP Assist program is no longer accepting new applicants at this time. Please contact [email protected] for information on how you can receive IP Support.

Apply here to access the IP Assist Program: https://www.investottawa.ca/venture-path/ip-assist-application/
If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected].

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