ElevateIP Program

ElevateIP is a comprehensive program meticulously crafted to empower startups in Eastern Ontario by enhancing their Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge, fostering strategic development, and facilitating the creation of valuable IP assets. In collaboration with key industry players such as Invest Ottawa, Launch Lab, Spark Centre, Communitech, and ISED, ElevateIP offers a three-tiered approach to address the unique needs of startups in the region.

Learn more about the program and program eligibility below.

Program Tiers


Tier 1: IP Education ElevateIP kicks off with a strong emphasis on education. Tier 1 focuses on building a robust foundation of IP knowledge through engaging training sessions, workshops, and accessible online resources. Startups gain insights into the intricacies of intellectual property, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate the complex landscape of IP management.

Tier 2: IP Strategy Development In the second tier, ElevateIP guides startups through the strategic development of their IP assets. This involves essential processes such as patent mining, prior art searches, trademark searches, and comprehensive agreement reviews. The program equips participants with the tools and expertise needed to formulate effective IP strategies tailored to their business goals.

Tier 3: IP Creation The final tier of ElevateIP focuses on the practical aspects of IP creation. Startups receive support for patent drafting, filing, and prosecution, as well as assistance with trademark registrations. The program goes beyond traditional IP avenues, offering services such as licensing agreement creation and Open-Source audits. ElevateIP ensures that startups can convert their strategic plans into tangible, legally protected assets.


Why take part in the ElevateIP program? 

With a worldwide competitive landscape where innovative tech firms from around the world compete to get market share, the role of IP is becoming an increasingly important factor of success. Having a basic understanding of the threats and opportunities of IP is fundamental to attract resources and differentiate a company in the eyes of clients. Even if you are at an early stage of developing your product, taking advantage of the education and awareness part of the IP Program, will help you to assess your current status and what the next steps are for your IP strategy.

Here are some examples of how IP could impact some areas of your business that you may not have considered:



Human Resources


Revenue Generation


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC): The applicant must be a CCPC that owns or holds exclusive rights to the IP intended for protection.

  2. Eastern Ontario Headquarters: The company should be headquartered in Eastern Ontario to qualify for program participation.

  3. Less Than 500 Full-Time Employees: ElevateIP is tailored for startups with fewer than 500 full-time employees, recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

Eligibility does not hinge on being a Spark Centre client, providing an inclusive opportunity for startups in the region.

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