Christine Montag

Accounting & Finance

Christine is an entrepreneur and business professional with a passion for creating new ventures and supporting those facing challenges. Bringing 20+ years of progressive experience in start-up and turn-around, Chris is well heeled throughout the investor community.

Christine was co-founder of tech start-up Ladybug Teknologies (LBT) with offices spanning both sides of the border. LBT started with an idea on the back of a napkin and was born into an investor-funded start-up that remained in operation for 8 years.

Always in a hands-on role, Christine knows that wearing multiple hats from bookkeeper to business development to CXO is the life of an entrepreneur!

Before LBT, Chris operated in a very CFO-centric role, working closely with investors of companies that were either in start-up mode or turn-around mode. These companies were typically getting ready for M&A or new investment dollars.

Christine founded Finance Without Borders (FWB) Inc to service the evolution of a new business, from inception to traction, providing the required level of service while supporting the entrepreneur.