Our Clients


Acreage provides a platform allowing real estate investments as low as $1000 and diversify investment portfolios by allowing to invest small portions in multiple properties.


A facial gesture-based Driver Assistance System, for drivers with disabilities who are unsatisfied with existing vehicle adaptations.


Caninsoft inc has developed an enterprise SAAS product, called Skokie, that helps teams save up to 50% of the cost it takes to validate data. 

CG Belle

Cg Belle Industries cleans/removes coatings from parts using automated machines and system, enabling companies to become part of the circular economy.


Ciclano is a powerful all-in-one streaming platform that allows businesses and people to broadcast, host, monetize, and analyze their content in one place.

CII Solutions

CII Solutions is providing structural design services revolutionizing Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) structural technologies.


AI-as-a-Service, building custom AI APIs to solve problems, generate competitive advantage or improve products. Sectors include: health, autonomous vehicle, and security. 

Engauge Digital

Engauge is a marketing studio specializing in marketing processes and systems to track and understand the impact of advertising efforts for automotive & ecommerce brands.

Flite Plan

flitePLAN provides daily airline optimized flight routes of 2% or more to a global market of 400 innovative, cost-conscious airlines on a cloud platform.

FPrime C

FPrimeC Solutions designs and develop innovative non-destructive testing solutions for cost-effective and reliable assessment of capital-intensive assets and civil infrastructure.


HeroChat helps enterprise businesses and organizations use text-messaging as a means for employees getting instant access to company resources.

Hire & Fire Your Kids

We have “gameified” the chores list and created a behaviour and chore game app allowing parents to communicate in this digital age.


We have developed an autonomous robot to address shortage of skilled labour for fruit & vegetable farmers and turf-care managers.


OTTOFACT is an online platform that allows customers to save both time and money as well as alleviate the stress that comes with purchasing a new car. 


Reipower provides a cost-effective AI-based Quick Assessment that identifies energy reduction opportunities both operational and capital in small and midsized companies.

Render Developments

Our pre-construction architectural visualizations/renderings helps clients to stand out, showcasing their future developments in its actual setting.


Technology predicts failure details on rotating machinery, that is vital information for huge industrial plants. Our solution provides a good understanding of the current situation.


SWOB helps students find jobs from the comfort of their own phone. All they have to do is setup a profile and then simply swipe right to automatically apply for a job.


Synkar is a Brazilian-Canadian robotics company specialized in autonomous delivery solutions — robots as a service — for emerging markets.


WeTraq is a remote caregiving tool (wearable device and a mobile app-only solution) for location monitoring & fall detection, combining GPS with WiFi & Cellular LBS technology.