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Finance Without Borders is a comprehensive accounting solution, using powerful mobile technology and an assisted service model to provide the best solutions for small and growing businesses around the world — whether it be a startup, scale-up or not-for-profit. By using a combination of technology and service, FWB is able to adapt its offerings to each client’s specific stage of business.


Spark Centre sat down with Christine Montag, Founder of Finance Without Borders, to learn more about how this innovative solution is helping businesses break through barriers and succeed. 


Q: What is FWB’s mission?

A: We’ve really zeroed in on supporting early-stage, high-growth companies. 

We dive in deep, working elbow-to-elbow with our clients to really simulate that personalized in-house finance team that larger corporations get to leverage, only without all the overhead costs.  Because we’re in the trenches with them, our clients get to use us to develop better financial discipline within their specific businesses, and they’ve told me – more than once, in fact – that they feel better equipped to handle their business’ future growth because of it.


Q: What are some of the biggest challenges that local and international businesses face today?

A:  Time!  (laughs)  Company founders stuff a lot of hard work into every day.  They validate new products, identify new markets, acquire new customers, hire employees, develop their company culture, do this, do that, do everything – and all while they start to gain momentum and scale.  Wearing that many hats is not only exhausting, but it’s often at the very edge of what’s humanly possible.  They have to make tough calls, and one of the areas from which they redirect resources tends to be their back office.  At FWB, we’re fortunate to empower SMBs to focus on what they do best – focus strategically on their business.


Q: How does your mobile technology assist small and growing businesses?

A: Really, the mobile solutions we offer are just part of our philosophy of customization.  When you can work on your phone, you have greater freedom to work where and when you want.  It’s less restrictive. The system platforms that we use are all cloud-based, too, which allows for a modular approach.  We start clients off with a basic system that fits their business’ current state. As their business grows, we can bolt on additional technology as-needed.  We help our clients grow into an affordably priced ERP system that will meet all their needs perfectly.  We don’t want them to feel like anything is missing, but we also don’t want them to pay for something they don’t use.



“Finance Without Borders was able to take my finance and accounting needs to the next level, and allowed me to concentrate on growing my business.” – Tristan Lehari, Co-Founder & CEO, Triton Wear




Q: You work with startups, scale-ups, not-for-profit and international businesses. How do your services differ based on the type of business?

A: We collaborate with every client to develop a service model that’s unique to them.  Speaking generally, though, a startup business will likely need a much different lift than a scaleup. 

Our team of experts is diverse but tightly-knit. As a client’s needs change, our team cooperates with them to adapt our services accordingly. We do our best to foster the idea that we’re working with a client, not for them.  Everything should be structured collaboratively.


Q: Speaking of services, what is ‘CFO To Go’?

A: Often, early-stage companies hire a part-time CFO (a fractionalized CFO) or a part-time bookkeeper.  Our clients, however, are high-growth-potentials.  They need a full internal finance team, only outsourced.  We’ve stacked our deck with bookkeepers, payroll administrators, financial analysts, directors of finance, CFOs, and everything in-between.  That way, our clients can access however few or however many services they need as they need them.  And, most importantly, they only pay for what they use.


Q: The pandemic has caused many businesses to pivot their operations. Has FWB altered its operations in light of the pandemic?

A: I mean, it’s right in our name.  No Borders; No Limits.

Since its inception, FWB was designed to leverage cloud-based technologies in its delivery of borderless remote services.  As the company grew through acquisition, we started offering as-needed hybrid services, including physical office space.

In true FWB fashion, we’ve adapted our services to meet our clients’ needs during the pandemic.  For the time being, our Newmarket-based offices are closed, and all of our services are available remotely.

As initially intended, we’re entirely borderless!


Q: It’s a brand New Year! What does FWB have in store for 2021?

A: We’re launching a new website!  So far, it looks pretty great.  I can’t wait to show it off!  (laughs)  Behind the scenes, we’re working hard at the business.  We’re refining our ideal customer avatar and, using our findings, enhancing our offerings to provide even better services to our clients.

2020 was strange and challenging, but it was also enlightening.  We were forced to think and work in new ways. 

We grew – especially in the ways we don’t measure with graphs.


To learn more about what Finance Without Borders can do for you, click here.



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