My business is up and running

You are in the Discovery stage! You have established your value proposition and understand what makes your business unique from your competitors! In the Discovery stage, you will be focusing on actively testing your idea and your proof of concept, and you have initial funding for your business.  As a part of our Community program, Spark Centre will assist you with more in-depth tasks to earn revenue, find customers and obtain funding.

In order to be a client at the Spark Centre your business needs to be under five years incorporated, and you must be making less than 1 million dollars annually in revenue.   Your product or service must be innovative; it must be creating something new or improving an existing product or service. It must also have some level of technology; such as breakthrough research, ICT devices, or products or services based on the internet.

Services Available to you as a client

  • Workshops - you will have access to a number of different workshops covering subjects such as sales, marketing, finance, etc.
  • You will have access to Advisors (it will be limited at this stage)
  • Networking opportunities with investors, peers and experts
  • You will have the opportunity to reserve desk space in the Spark Centre
  • We provide Operations support such as; funding opportunities, access to experts, marketing & design discounted services and market intelligence services

What we require from you

Spark Centre has developed a curriculum for growing clients businesses. We require clients to follow the curriculum and expect that they will be committed to consistently attending meetings and events, and working on their business development, towards growth.

Next steps

Fill out the application in full. Once we receive your application, we will reach out to you within 3 business days for your next step.