Laying Down The Law In Technology, Entrepreneurship and Business

Suresh Law Professional Corporation is a legal practice focused on serving startups at every stage of their growth, from ideation to exit. Whether it’s assistance with incorporation, business immigration, corporation and shareholder agreements or raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, employment agreements, contracts and more, Suresh Law helps businesses and entrepreneurs to get their innovations off the ground with a solid foundation beneath them.

Suresh Law was founded by Suresh Sriskandarajah, a business lawyer with four prestigious degrees — including a Juris Doctor (JD), an MBA in Strategic Management, a BASc in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Liberal Studies — who has worked for leading technology firms in North America like Microsoft and Amazon. An entrepreneur at heart, Suresh has founded three businesses and led, and sold, tech firms in addition to having directed business incubators and taken multiple ideas to market.

Inspired by his experiences in engineering and as an entrepreneur in technology, Suresh naturally gravitated towards focusing his practice on business and technology law — especially for startups. Suresh feels that for startups, having a legal counsel by their side ensures that every aspect of their business operates in a legally compliant manner. From sales, marketing and talent acquisitions to operations and technology, businesses can leverage lawyers to make key decisions that will steer them in the right direction.

“It’s important to take the time to establish a good foundation by making sure that all the legal components of the business are set up properly from the start.” says Suresh, “Engaging a legal counsel to assist with corporate, technology and contract law matters will help to establish good practices for tech startups.”

Suresh’s experience and knowledge in technology not only has helped him to serve clients with businesses rooted in tech, but also enables him to recognize how tech is impacting business now and into the future — and that includes law.

“I believe that AI will play an important role in legal technology solutions that will be adopted into the practice of law.”, he says, “AI will help to analyze large volumes of data and empower lawyers to be more efficient in providing legal services to their clients.”

Having experience with both tech startups and major corporations like Microsoft, a background in engineering and as an entrepreneur at heart, it’s no wonder why startups are turning to Suresh Law for legal advice.

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