Introducing Spark Centre’s Youngest Startup Yet!

There’s no age limit to innovation, and Chinedu Ndubuisi is proof of that. At just 18 years old, Ndubuisi is the founder of 5m Closer, a powerful software platform designed to help businesses streamline their sales and marketing processes while providing access to valuable grants from different institutions and the government of Canada. He’s also Spark Centre’s youngest client ever. Ndubuisi moved to Canada from Nigeria in 2017 with his mother and two younger brothers. His fascination with technology began at the age of eight when he enrolled in his first programming class. But it was his move to Canada that launched the opportunities he needed to grow in the tech industry. Ndubuisi’s first venture was in social media creator management. For three years, he helped creators — big and small, like Captain Cream with 4.6 million followers— find brands, creates content and collect a commission. But he noticed that only the creators with a more significant following were getting paid. Worse, the businesses working with influencers or creators had no control over the process, causing them to lose out on valuable data that could convert to consumer lead generation. It was that realization that led Ndubuisi to launch 5m Closer. With a wide range of tools and features, 5m Closer helps businesses generate leads, nurture customer relationships, and close more sales. In short, it’s the infrastructure businesses of any size need to market themselves while simultaneously automating the digital workflow and processes to convert consumers efficiently and close more sales. More than that, 5m Closer also provides clients with a new grant-finding service with which businesses can easily search and apply for grants at no cost. The platform also has a grant tracking system that enables businesses to monitor their grant applications and the amount of money raised in real-time. If a company is not eligible for a particular grant, 5mCloser offers guidance on the next steps and sends notifications when new grants are available. As though 5m Closer isn’t keeping this high school student busy enough, Ndubuisi has recently begun development for another platform: Trendvalue. This marketing platform uses data-driven insights and machine learning algorithms to match brands with those influencers most likely to resonate with their target audience for paid promotions. It also streamlines influencer marketing processes, from campaign creation to payment processing, to provide a seamless experience for brands and influencers. Ndubuisi is undoubtedly destined for great success in the tech and marketing industries, and Spark Centre is excited to connect him with our industry leaders, mentors and specialized programming to continue his startup growth in the right direction. Ndubuisi may be our youngest client, but he possesses all the qualities of a seasoned entrepreneur: innovative, business savvy, passionate and determined. You can learn more about 5m Closer here.


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