Introducing Caninsoft

Introducing Caninsoft, a digital product and consulting startup that helps businesses with the validation of their data and provide context to data driven processes. Since launching in 2018 they have created an all in compassing platform called Skokie…

So what does Skokie do for your business? 

It supports your business to validate their excel data without the need for excel spreadsheet formulas. Saving businesses time and money. The platform is also able to monitor the backend systems that process data to identify issues with data driven processes that in turn enables visibility to data readiness. By connecting technology to business outcomes, users quickly get to know the impact of failures thereby helping businesses ensure that reporting is consistent and accurate. 

If you are a small or medium enterprises with heavy excel adoption: Skokie helps you save up to 50% of cost on data validation by ensuring a high standard of data quality. It’s one of a kind rule engine empowers users to easily manage changes on the fly and deliver high quality results on their data with a fraction of time and effort by providing a detailed audit log of every change for compliance and regulation.

If you are an advanced BI team using self service tools like Tableau and Power BI: Skokie helps mature BI teams visualize the end to end journey of their complex data driven processes thereby connecting technology to business outcomes. Built with the vision to enhance collaboration between BI users, the team believes their product would be a great cost saving and an immense value add-on to the data analytics teams in enterprises.

A great year for Caninsoft
Caninsoft is celebrating a successful year for Skokie with a breakthrough in the Capital Market domain by signing a multiple year contract with a leading Pension fund company in Toronto, Canada. By using Skokie, they were able to reduce weeks of data validation effort to just minutes thereby helping business to reduce costs and focus on what really matters to grow their business. The next version of the product will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to provide quick impact analysis for all levels of BI reporting. This is a very exciting time for Caninsoft and they are looking at expanding this win to serve other pension fund companies and cater to organizations facing similar challenges with their data driven processes

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