Ignite Student Entrepreneur Winner – Durham Electro Optics


By Ahmad Touseef, Owner and Director of Durham Electro Optics & Durham Electro

Durham Electro Optics’ product line enables regular LED light bulbs to transmit wireless data to devices. This means LED (both visible and invisible infrared spectrums) lighting can be used to implement WiFi and many other types of wireless networking standards. This technology enables Wireless Data speeds that are 99.9% the speed of ethernet. The speed gains occur due to no need for encryption (light is local to each room), mutual repeaters (each light source also repeats the signal), data transfer at carrier wave of visible and near-visible frequency – Terrahertz range, which is 1000x Gigahertz. Durham Electro Optics is the brain child of 3rd year undergraduate Electrical Engineering student – (Ami) Ahmad Touseef – who is now studying in the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Ahmad Touseef’s start-up is a research and development focused in embedded hardware systems and embedded systems software.

DurhamElectroWinPrior to the Ignite competition, Ahmad Touseef operated his embedded hardware engineering and software engineering projects in his garage. Winning the Durham Ignite competition in the Student Entrepreneur category means Ahmad Touseef and his team can take their garage level science activities to a full-fledge R&D company scale operation. Ahmad Touseef is using the $5,000 grant funding to file patent, register trademark, DBA (doing business as) tradename, incorporation of start-up costs, orders of first round of bill of materials of parts for next stage of prototyping. The guidance from Spark Centre in preparation for the Ignite competition was essential and paramount. Without the staff at Spark Centre, Ahmad Touseef’s idea would have not seen the light of commercialization, and perhaps would remain confined within his science garage with white papers published about it for use by future students in pure research and bench science use cases. Ahmad Touseef is deeply indebted to the Spark Centre for their continued support and is soon going to re-locate to Spark Centre’s flagship office space for start-ups located at 21 Simcoe St. South, called the “The Loft at Core 21”. You can read more about Ahmad Touseef and his start-up on his webpage at http://ahmadtouseef.ca/durhamelectro

To contact Ahmad Touseef and the team, connect with them via email

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