Hop In Technologies Wins Brampton Board of Trade BEA2021 Innovation Award


Hop In Technologies has been awarded the Brampton Board of Trade BEA2021 Innovation Award!

The Brampton Board of Trade BEA2021 Innovation Award is given to technology-driven, visionary companies that are leading change and developing efficiencies by converting problems to ideas.

Hop In Technologies has been working with businesses in the City of Brampton to provide transportation solutions for companies and residents by providing them with a shuttle service that is helping their employees to commute to work safely and reducing commuting time. For one of their clients in particular, Maple Lodge Farms, Hop In Technologies established a shuttle line running from Scarborough to Brampton which provided Maple Lodge Farms with the ability to access and hire from a much larger pool of talent.

Hop In Technologies also provided COVID relief initiatives like donating thousands of masks to Brampton organizations to help with operational continuity.

Hop In Technologies helps companies retain more talent & access a larger hiring pool while providing a comfortable & efficient commute to work. Through their logistics software service, they offer tailored shuttle services to bridge the gap between transit and the workplace. From mobilizing existing charter and rideshare fleets, to providing shuttles customized to companies and their employees’ schedules, Hop In Technologies not only provides more commuting options but also assists in those areas that have limited transportation options.

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