Henlen Watches Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Spark Centre is very pleased to announce our client and Oshawa based start-up, Henlen Watches has launched their Kickstarter campaign.

“People from across our region ask how they can help emphasize and support our evolving innovative economy. Henlen Watches is a great example of how the community can directly support start-ups becoming global leaders,” says Dennis Croft, President & CEO of Spark Innovation Centre. “I would encourage people all across our community to check Henlen out on Kickstarter and consider supporting their campaign.”

Henlen Watches has created the world’s first interchangeable smartwatch. Their smartwatch allows their smartpiece, “the cell” to be swapped and compatible with any of their custom bodies and designs.

Unlike most smartwatch companies, Henlen is focused on the design just as much as the technology. By allowing the smart component to be its own isolated piece, Henlen Watches can switch easily between different custom watch designs. The Cell is the core that powers Henlen Smartwatch, it sports a 400×400 1.39” AMOLED display powered a Mediatek processor and a 450 mAh battery. With this piece, Henlen has provided users everything needed in a smartwatch.

Henlen’s Kickstarter campaign, offers one cell and one watch body for $275 USD. The interchangeability of the Henlen Watch allows backers to have two different styles of smartwatches for just $325. In total, there will are four different styles of watches as part of “The Origin Series” offered during the campaign. There is truly a style for everyone.

“We are thrilled to be launching on Kickstarter,” says Kyle George, CEO of Henlen Watches. “Over the past year of development, we have really seen the market shift to the type of smart watch we are offering.”

You can be one of the first to own a Henlen Watch! CLICK HERE to back their campaign.

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