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Lakeridge Health
Oshawa, ON

JUNE 6 | 5:30-8:30 PM

Join us for Excelerate

Join us for EXCELERATE at Lakeridge Health’s LHEARN Centre on June 6th as we spotlight some of the Region’s most promising startups in HealthTech. From groundbreaking medical devices to life-changing —and saving—digital solutions, you’ll be inspired by a world of possibilities. Network with industry leaders, investors, and visionaries, and be part of the conversation driving healthcare innovation forward.

Check out the featured companies below!


Bujjify promotes healthy child development with PlayRigs, tool kits tailored to specific age milestones based on Montessori philosophy and decades of research. Each PlayRig includes toys and tools for the baby’s progress and a digital information booklet for parents. PlayRigs are available for ages 0 to 12 months, with plans to extend to 24 and 36 months.


Designed by BNET-TECH, uSTICK, the smart walking cane, offers unparalleled safety and convenience for the elderly. Its advanced fall detection system alerts contacts immediately and additional features like automatic lighting, palm warming, and sensor-driven adaptability enhance user comfort and security. uSTICK’s customized mobile application also monitors users’ health, while providing access to entertainment and more.


CHIME transforms clinics by delivering the right person, to the right place, at the right time. Their AI-powered software and dedicated hardware streamlines operations by ensuring efficient patient flow from arrival to departure. CHIME improves clinic efficiency, reduces staff workload on manual tasks and minimizes wait times and administrative errors, ensuring a better patient experience.

ConnexHealth Inc.

ConnexHealth Inc. provides an online platform connecting healthcare users with providers, ensuring secure and efficient communication. Its subsidiary, ConnexLearn, offers an online learning platform for healthcare education. With personalized solutions and advanced technology, ConnexHealth empowers providers and patients to navigate healthcare securely, achieving optimal results and cost-effective care.


Elderado lets you compare all 1,400 retirement homes and care options in Ontario. By consolidating fragmented information from dozens of websites, Elderado offers filters for location, care needs, language, and culture, plus video tours, inspection reports, menus, activity calendars, and more. Spend less time searching and more time with your loved ones.


Kuwota is a mobile app that promotes personal growth through AI-powered journaling and real-time feedback from licensed therapists. Through written, audio and video journaling options, users can receive personalized insights, and connect with other users and therapists for support. Curated prompts and community features foster self-reflection, understanding and shared experiences for deeper personal understanding and development.

Lab Improvements

Lab Improvements develops and manufactures solutions that automate high-risk or repetitive tasks in medical laboratory environments. Their solutions allow labs to do more with less, addressing critical budget and staffing constraints, while also helping to reduce diagnostic turnaround times and improve outcomes for patients.


Utilizing modern technology, Techinsole provides a unique solution for preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) for diabetes by developing a smart insole. The insole incorporates real-time comprehensive data collection and monitoring and allows easy access to historical data for caregivers.


WeTraQ Smart Care Insole promotes independent living for older adults with cutting-edge technology and a discreet design. Their insole features precise locating and wellness monitoring along with non-intrusive charging. Seamlessly blending into daily life, it empowers seniors with health insights and proactive care, supporting their freedom and well-being every step of the way.


WisdomX offers a computer system that assists radiologists in analyzing mammography images for the detection of breast cancer. Their system provides faster, more accurate analysis than a human radiologist alone, and their unique feature leverages mammography images from medical centers to improve system performance while incentivizing medical centers based on those improvements.

Xpan Inc.

Each year, 5 million minimally invasive abdominal procedures occur in North America, traditionally piercing the body with multiple large devices. Xpan’s innovative smaller access port is minimally invasive and radially expandable, resulting in 50% smaller wounds, 33% faster recovery and 77% less pain. With FDA 510(k) clearance, US Patents and successful trials, Xpan is preparing for commercialization.

Peter Crouse


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Software Technology

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