Durham RTDS Has a New Look!


Durham RTDS has a new look!

Our ingenious and talented designers were recently tasked with giving RTDS a face-lift and they did not disappoint! We’re pretty excited about RTDS’ new look which effectively captures its focus on Human Machine Interface (HMI) and User Experience!


What’s coming up for Durham RTDS? 

In addition to a brand new website to match its new look, Durham RTDS — in collaboration with AVIN, Spark Centre, Durham College and Ontario Tech University — has a series of exciting events in the works! The Driving Innovation Series will not only connect startups and SMEs in the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle sector with industry leaders, municipalities and communities in the Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor, but will also drive attention to the challenges and opportunities that matter most, as well as the methods that can be used to accelerate these innovative technologies within the C/AV industry. The first event Smart and Safe Cities will be kicking off June 4th. Stay tuned for details!


What’s AVIN?

The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) is a provincially funded program, administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), that hopes to catalyze the growth of a vibrant and diversified automotive and transportation technology ecosystem in Ontario. Created to boost collaboration across the innovation ecosystem between industry, Ontario-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), academia, government and public sectors, AVIN sets out to increase the development and demonstration of applied technologies, related to connected (CVs), electric (EVs), and autonomous vehicles (AVs) that enhance public transportation systems and infrastructure.

For more info on AVIN click here.


Stay tuned for Durham RTDS’ new website and its first event of 2020, COMING SOON! 


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