Doktri, Port Hope, Ontario


Both San Sivamoorthy and Kuru Jeyanthan are keen on using emerging technology to make individual lives and organizations run smoother. Doktri’s home base is IdeaHub in Port Hope.

What they Do
Doktri is a directory-based web application that helps users find their ideal, peer-reviewed healthcare providers (dentists, massage therapists, optometrists, etc.) and immediately book appointments online.

The Opportunity
Patients have a difficult time finding healthcare appointments that fit their schedule, location, and individual needs (gender, language), while clinics are challenged with filling appointment times and acquiring new patients in order to operate efficiently and increase their profits.

Using IT systems to streamline the way Canadian health care providers engage with and manage their clients at intake.

Working With Spark
Doktri came to the attention of the Spark Centre through the N100 entrepreneurship competition, and has been working with Bryan Kanarens, Entrepreneur in Residence, at the Spark Centre, since February 2013. “We always had a clear idea of what our product and services were, but we weren’t sure how to turn Doktri into an actual business. Bryan has been tremendously helpful in asking us the right questions so we can find the solutions for our concerns.” Bryan’s role as a mentor and inquisitor has spurred Doktri on to deepen their awareness of their user’s needs, and the health care space in general. The end result is a stronger business plan and two entrepreneurs who can step out with bolstered confidence!

Next Big Step
Currently all of Doktri’s focus is on their upcoming launch, but the next big thing for them after getting online booking running smoothly, is to list emergency room and walk-in clinic wait times. “We are all very excited and there’s a lot more to come to help make access to healthcare easier for Canadians,” says San.

Advice to Local Entrepreneurs
Knowing how easy it is to stay in the comfort zone with an idea, San adds this perspective, “The end-game of a startup is to become a viable business, so don’t stay in your parents’ basement making something no one wants. Get out there, validate the problem, your solution, and market before writing a single line of code!”

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