Client Update: Zambah Introduces Tastemaker Feature

by Ken Asafo – Co-Founder & CEO, Zambah

Zambah is a social media platform built around the consumption of streamable user generated audio content. Our goal is to become the best worldwide destination for discovering new and emerging independent audio content creators.

At Zambah, we believe that playlists curated by humans is crucial for how most people discover new songs and artists. This is why for the past few months we’ve been working towards enhancing and innovating new ways to provide people with quality playlists curated by people they trust, which is something we’ve been doing with our new Tastemakers feature.

Tastemakers gives people exclusive access to create digital campaigns that enables them to curate and build playlists containing crowd-sourced music submissions from artists worldwide. People that we deem as Tastemakers are highly sought public figures or brands in various industries such as music, film, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business and other key interest areas. A user can become a Tastemaker through an invite-only process that requires them to meet a specific criteria of influence on culture or industry that has been pre-approved by the Zambah staff.

Aside from building the tech needed to launch this feature, we’ve been reaching out and recruiting the right group of Tastemakers that will be first group of faces to represent this concept. So far we have a solid group of Tastemakers to begin with and we look forward to adding more in the coming weeks.


Our working space at the Loft provided by Spark Centre has been nothing less than amazing! Since we pride ourselves as a very creative team, it great to come to a work environment that has so many smart entrepreneurs working on super creative ideas. Often times, the highlights of our day involve interacting with the Spark staff, in addition to the other entrepreneurs. We are very proud to be part of the Spark community.

To learn more about Zambah, check out our website at and to get in touch with us you can follow us on our social media page:

Twitter: @ZambahMusic
Instagram: @ZambahMusic

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