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In February 2016 Bryan Brant started to have his new website, Roster Point developed. The sites main purpose was to bring hockey players that weren’t quite good enough to be drafted together with junior teams from the Tier 2 level and down.  The goal was to see more players having a chance to play junior hockey at some level of the game.

Since February 2016 the business has made a couple of pivots and has grown to become the only site of its kind.  In January 2017 Bryan was looking for a way to rank the players in the database so teams would be able to quickly find the right skilled players for their teams.  What he ended up finding was a company called CVS Sports Analytics.  CVS had been ranking players for the NHL Draft since 2006 and in 2010 they started to rank 15 year old players for the Junior Drafts as well. The unique thing about CVS is they only use 100% Predictive Analytics to rank players. Contrary to the industry norm that still uses the Eye Test to scout and rank players, CVS was producing more accurate rankings year after year than any other company.

Today Roster Point is promoting the highly skilled players that CVS identifies to the highest levels of junior hockey. “What this is creating is a magnet type of effect” say Brant “the more we promote the higher skilled players the more players we’re having signing up” which has been the businesses nemesis since they launch in mid-2016. “We suffered from the Chicken and the Egg syndrome for quite a while but we really got into a grove and started to attract players when we got 3 interns from the Sports Management Program at Durham College” said Brant “the students were instrumental in growing the player database to over 1500 player contacts in 3 months.”

The business is starting to see a number of teams sign up for paid subscriptions now which is the financial blood line for the company. More and more players continue to sign up. Players are getting the benefits of the promotion and are getting drafted because of the help they receive from Roster Point. It’s just a matter of time before the flood gates open and more teams see the value in having a Roster Point Subscription.

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Call or email Bryan Brant if you have any questions about the project (905) 424-5869 [email protected].

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