Client Profile: Ultima Apparel

Meet our Ignite 2016 Student Entrepreneur Winner: Ultima Apparel

At Ultima Apparel, we aim to provide gym goers and anyone alike with attractive, comfortable compression apparel that tracks form and posture to avoid injury during intensive workouts.

Our goal is to help anyone new to fitness, or a seasoned athlete track their form and technique with the use of sensors and elastic fabric materials during physical training. Injuries while exercising is very common, and is due to incorrect exercise habits, especially bad form. Our products will immediately warn gym-goers of unforeseen injuries that could be detrimental in the shortcoming or in the long run. We strive to be a leader in injury prevention for fitness training and eventually the workplace.

ultima2In the upcoming years, our hope is to also have several of our products in the hands of our valued customers with thegoal of becoming a direct alternative to trainers or coaches in the areas of posture and technique tracking. With the funding we can continue to develop our product at a much faster rate than before while having the means to establish a basis of our company. The Ignite funds have accelerated our product development as it is quite challenging to generate our own funding being students. The Ignite competition has opened our eyes, as young entrepreneurs, to the importance of pitching and networking.

Due to our success in the student category at Ignite, we have some motivation that further strengthens our zeal to pursue our goals and aspirations. One of the other things that Ignite and Spark Centre has exposed us to are the very generous and inspiring people they are involved with it. Many entrepreneurs are stretching out their hands, reaching out to us in ways that are very advantageous to our success. Ignite also has the expertise that we as student entrepreneurs need to see things through without salvaging and wasting time looking for the right mentors.

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