Client Profile: Qloud+

Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

We’re Qloud+. No, not Q-Loud, we prefer QloudPlus

(or, Cloud Plus), if you please. 


About Qloud+
Do you spend lots of time looking for your files?  Us too.  That’s why we created Qloud+.

Connect to as many cloud storage accounts as you want. Choose from the most popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

#FindYourFilesFaster and spend less time looking and more time finding with easy search tools. Access your recent files, uploads, shares, favorites, all at a glance.

Get More Done  Qloud+ Activities provide you with superhero powers, so you can get more done and get on with it faster, whatever it is (and it’s not looking for files!).


What Can You do with Qloud+? Glad you asked!



You can use the powerful Qloud+ Search to #FindYourFilesFaster from all of your connected cloud storage accounts. Spend less time looking and more time finding!



You can now effortlessly create groups of files and folders from any connected storage account, even if it was only shared with you.

Awesome, right?  We call this Qloud+ Collections.



You can now do all kinds of stuff with your files and folders using Qloud+

From day-to-day upload and download, to creating folders, organizing your stuff, and even sharing, you can do it for all of your connected accounts all in Qloud+.



We built some really cool ways to help you #FindYourFilesFaster in Qloud+ and we put a bunch of them together for you in the QlickList.

The QlickList is where you can go to quickly find items from across all of your connected accounts like:

Shares: literally everything you have shared, or that has been shared with you, from all of your connected accounts, in one list (BOOM)

Recent: all the recently modified files attached to your Qloud+ account, even if someone else modified them, and has it shared with you, you’ll find it in your list at a glance

Deleted: a combined recycling bin for all of your connected accounts, anything you have ‘deleted’ but not permanently removed can be found here

Favorites: You can now tag your favorite files and folders and find them in a flash on your Qloud+ Favorites list

Collections: Get to your Qloud+ Collections and carry on with that awesomeness from here as well!

Remember, Q is the new C 🙂 so you can now your files are just a Qlick away!



When Qloud+ analyzes your connected accounts, we provide you with some cool Insights about what you have. We give you quick and easy ways to #FindYourFilesFaster based on activity, size, type, and even show you how much space you have left. So cool!

Figure 1 – Qloud+ Insights


Come join Qloud+ today and #FindYourFilesFaster



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