Client Profile: Hexyoo Scientific

Hexyoo Scientific Inc. is a wellness product development and benefits validation testing company with expertise in formulating and pouring visco elastic polymers (gel). An important milestone for our health based technology company was the filing of our provisional patent, protecting our methods of manufacturing, gel compression wrap design, and our ability to embed sensor technology into our gel. Our gel dissipates pressure,  attenuates vibration, regulates temperature, accommodates body friction and shear, can withstand repeated use and is easily cleanable, which highlights a few of its many features.

We are currently at various stages of development for a handful of projects. Presently, our two flag ship products are:

⁃     The Opus gel Compression Wrap: conveniently combines Hot or Cold therapy with the clinical benefits of true compression. This visco elastic polymer’s unique features allow for faster and safer recovery. Sign up for an invite to our upcoming crowd funding launch on Indiegogo online today at

⁃     Opus gel Pressure Ulcer Pads: developing a proprietary gel based pressure ulcer pad for both treatment and prevention. This pad is compatible with current health care infrastructure and will be a low cost addition to every hospital, long term care, and community based bed for at risk populations. This semi solid gel can be disinfected with straight bleach, has a pliable skin-like texture, and can be embedded with an antimicrobial. Our provisional patent protects our ability to embed sensors, such as accelerometers, pressure mapping systems, and temperature monitors within the gel. These monitors will transmit real time data to hand held devices and a central monitoring station within the health institution. This data will reduce human error and improve patient care. It will also provide much needed evidence of proper management during litigation.


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