Client Profile: CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies

Founded in 2016, CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies is focused on harnessing the best of the cloud and make it more accessible, easier to use, and to deliver increased levels of simplicity of the underlying solutions. Ranging from applications to increase day-to-day productivity and convenience to scaling small business challenges, CrossPlatform is committed to making the cloud work for you.

CrossPlatform is a new kid on the Spark block. Having been in the office space of the Loft since early January has proven to be an incredibly positive experience for us as we are getting started. When recently asked about it, our CEO, Laryn Fernandes, has this to say about Spark:

“We couldn’t be happier to work with Dennis and his team of industry professionals, they are a fantastic team’, said Fernandes. “This is the start of a very exciting relationship that we want to grow and develop with as we work towards our common goals. Also, the environment at the Loft is great for us since it’s filled with energetic and successful companies that are all rooting for one another.”

So, new kid on the block or not, we feel like we belong and have something to contribute to this high-quality and unique startup environment that is right in our backyard.

At CrossPlatform we have sky-high ambitions. We are working on making products that take the existing experience with cloud services, like Dropbox, and making them work better in our increasingly digital lives.

Our list of priorities for cloud based applications cover the gambit of what a digital user faces each day:
• Security, encryption, data residency; The online world is built on trust and all users, providers, and regulators should be focused on increasing the overall standards of security and privacy.
• Integration; Many applications are involved, many steps are manual, many tools have been created to streamline the processes, but in the end, the integration and aggregation of the content and processes is still handled by users.
• Faster deployment; Updates are just pushed out in the background and you can focus on doing your tasks and not worry about updating your software.
• Innovative and modern; The modern user is very savvy and understands what works for them and what doesn’t almost instantly so it is essential that we continue to work on the overall user experience.
• Uptime; The average user expects applications always be available and it’s because the providers of cloud applications are so obsessed with uptime that you shouldn’t have to be.
• Mobile first; As mobile technologies become more part of our daily lives the line between using an app or a service on a smartphone, tablet, or PC will continue to blur.

We are working hard on our first product to start addressing these priorities and will be announcing more about that in coming months. It’s a very exciting time for us, and we couldn’t be happier to be based at Spark while working on making products that users will really love.

To learn more about CrossPlatform visit our website or connect with us on social media.

Twitter: @CrossPlatformCT
Facebook: CrossPlatformCT
LinkedIn: CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies Inc.

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