“Why They Will Win”: This Advisor Has Startups Looking Around the Corner To Success

Ivano Labricciosa has over 30 years of experience in the energy and utilities sector. The former President and CEO of Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation (OPUC), he’s seen both the issues surrounding energy and their potential solutions, like innovative technology. It makes sense then that Labricciosa now guides startups with innovation in cleantech, enertech and autonomous tech towards success and helps them adopt a winning mentality along the way.

Need a Notary? It Just Got More Convenient

In Ontario, lawyers and paralegals have traditionally been the only option for people needing this service. One company, however, has changed that with an innovative AI-powered platform. For the first time, Canadians create a custom legal document and digitally notarize it in less than seven minutes from anywhere in the world.

Tired of Retrieving Golf Balls? There’s a Robot For That.

When one things of golf courses, the last thing that comes to mind is robots. But right here in Ontario, one robot has overtaken the golf industry. That robot is the Pik’r. And Korechi Innovations Inc. is the brilliant mind behind it.

The Art of Digital Sales

Some consider sales an art, a symphony if you will, in which technology and networking harmonize to generate leads. If that rings true, Rick McCutcheon – founder of Partner Talks and Full Contact Selling ( and Spark Centre Advisor) – could be considered a maestro. We sat down with Rick McCutcheon to hear about his storied career and what makes CRM and social selling an essential part of entrepreneurial success.

Tracking Steps For Security? This Startup Is Making It Happen

Using your smartwatch or smartphone to capture your motion isn’t just for fitness anymore. Lambda Sense, an innovation startup from Hong Kong, now based in Oshawa, Ontario, has created a unique way to validate a person’s ID using gait motion.

This Micro-Mobility Startup Could be the Next Big Thing for Urban Mobility

Conventional micro-mobility solutions still have a long way to go to meet urban demands. Meet Intelligent Motion, an international startup whose electric vehicle hardware platform is reinventing urban mobility architecture and electric motors for e-bikes, scooters, mopeds and event autonomous robots in Canada.

Five Real Estate Tips for Business

There are many considerations for finding the right facility for your business, especially in sectors like manufacturing. Our Elite Partner, Coldwell Banker, lays out their top tips.

New Technology For Cybersecurity Is Here

Complade founder Yehia Ahmed has come a long way, from establishing an award-winning cloud services and brokerage form in 2008 to launching a cutting-edge, all-in-one cybersecurity platform 13 years later. Read how this entrepreneur has developed a cybersecurity management solution that transforms cybersecurity compliance into a strategic advantage.