Canada’s Innovation Economy by the Numbers

The Innovation Economy Council brings together Canadian innovation hubs, institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate partners and investors to create data-driven reports that can address key issues facing the innovation community.



Spark Centre is one of 10 Founding Members of the Innovation Economy Council (IEC) which was created in 2020. Its mission is to serve policymakers as an independent, timely and trusted source of information and critical discussion to help drive the Canadian economy.

Through timely, data-driven reports and live events showcasing Canada’s trailblazers and thought leaders, the IEC strives to strengthen the Canadian innovation economy by bolstering collaboration and increasing national and international adoption of technologies while uniting all members of Canada’s diverse tech community.

In December of last year, the IEC released a report on the state of the Canadian innovation economy in 2020. From trends and statistics to opportunities and challenges, the numbers in this report by IEC speak for themselves.

To download and read the report in full, click here 


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