Bykart Software Ltd, Inc.

Bykart Software Ltd, Inc has developed an outpatient scheduling system that surpassed initial expectations. In collaboration with the Odette Cancer Clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital, Bykart has developed a solution that provides improved efficiencies within the entire workflow process. This software was developed to enable the clinic to process 20 percent more patients without the need for additional staff or resources. Now up and running, the software has actually increased patient bookings by 47 percent, 27 percent above the original target! Bykart is the first tenant of the collaborative Durham College / UOIT / Spark Centre incubator. This arrangement has been instrumental in assisting Bykart in the development of the enterprise solution development project in collaboration with Durham College. Through this initiative, Durham College has provided Bykart with a team of 14 student developers that have far exceeded the expectations of Bykart’s project manager, Thane Fitzgerald.

‘Spark Centre really helped us develop our business strategy and allowed us to tap into resources that helped us move forward with our project’ says Thane.

When ready, Spark Centre will also be assisting the company mapping the product development and go-to-market strategy as well as to access appropriate funding sources.

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