BIG Digital Is Helping Spark Centre Give A Safer ‘Welcome Back’



BIG Digital is helping Spark Centre to stay safe when we welcome our employees, visitors and clients back to the office by providing pop-up digital and interactive displays with SafeChek™ technology!

SafeChek™ provides real-time messaging tools, safety sensors and analytics for the entrances and operations of all types of businesses. Its digital displays contain health screening applications including mask and temperature detection and its on-site analytics captures meaningful footfall data for capacity control and immediate insights into space utilization.


But that’s not all! BIG Digital’s pop-up displays will simultaneously enable Spark Centre to showcase our ingenuity, creativity and marketing efforts on interactive displays at strategic locations throughout the building!

Just who is BIG Digital? They’re the global leader in pop-up digital billboards and interactive displays, providing fully integrated hardware and software solutions that are free-standing and easy to mobilize and transform everyday environments into safe and welcoming immersive digital experiences. BIG Digital’s full-service approach ensures stress-free deployments and long-term operations including ideation and engineering, integrations and logistics, software development, 24/7 tech support and ops, tech rentals and sales, as well as on-site analytics.

Want to see what BIG Digital can do for your business or how they can keep your employees and clients safe?  Check them out at

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