AVIN – Durham RTDS

What is AVIN?

The Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) is an Ontario provincial program created to encourage the collaboration of industry, academia and government to increase the development of connected and autonomous vehicles.

As one of the six regional technology development sites, Durham Region, works alongside our partners to create a space for SME’s to develop new C/AV products and test and validate emerging technologies and prototypes.

Our regional Transportation Technology focus

Human Machine Interface & User Experience

Why work with us?

As the Durham’s Regional Technology Development Site, we provide access to specialized equipment, hardware and software that will reduce barriers to innovations for startups and SME’s in C/AV sector. You will have access to substantial funding and to world-class test equipment. You will have the chance to connect with subject matter experts and researchers.  We also provide business advisory services that will support the development of your start-up, connect you to investors and support you to optimize your business model. 

Join our Community

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