The right place at the right time

Back in April our client Korechi Innovations Inc. had the great opportunity of having their product showcased live on CityLine TV.
Their product RoamIO was presented on the show by Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers” who is known for his expertise in gardening and Tracy Moore, the show’s permanent host since 2008. RoamIO is an autonomous robot enabled with artificial intelligence and high-precision spatial awareness to automate the most mundane tasks in turf and farm care with a high degree of reliability.
Since being featured on the show, Korechi shared with us that they have been gaining more recognition among their key stakeholders and are finding that people know about their product before they need to explain what RoamIO does.  
So, how did Korechi gain an amazing opportunity like this?
Well as cliché as it sounds, they were in the right place at the right time. When speaking with, the Founder & CEO of Korechi, Sougata Pahari, he shared with me that the team including their Golf Industry mentor Jim Clark, happened to be demonstrating RoamIO at the Dentonia Park Golf course in Toronto when they bumped into ‘Frankie Flowers’. After spending time discussing what they did, Frankie extended an invitation to feature RoamIO onto CityLine.
This was an amazing opportunity for the team and when we asked Sougta what key thing did he take away from the whole experience he said: “Luck favours the prepared, you have to be prepared for every situation so that when opportunities like this come along you are ready”.
To see the clip of the team on the show click here.

IGNITE Applications Now Open!

We are pleased to announced that applications are now open for our fifth annual Ignite Competition.

Ignite 2017 will be handing out $80,000 to winning entrepreneurs across four categories:

• Discovery Category: $25,000
• Scale-up Category: $25,000
• Ontario Power Generation Category: $25,000
• Student Entrepreneur Category: $5,000

The Ignite competition journey includes a pitch school, 60 second pitch competition, three minute pitch competition and 30 minute boardroom competition before a panel of judges chooses the winners.

Outside of the prizes for winners, Ignite offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how to perfect their pitch and also have a chance to practice in front of real investors.

Some past winners of Ignite include Dash MD, Hexyoo Scientific, MobileXCo, National ProStaff and IFTech.

Applications must be received by September 29th. Visit to apply and for more information on eligibility criteria and important dates.

Spark Centre Ignites Canadian Innovation Partnership with Ontario Power Generation

Spark Innovation Centre and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are partnering to ignite Canadian innovation with their annual Ignite Start-up Pitch Competition.

“We couldn’t be more encouraged by OPG’s decision to partner with Spark Centre for this year’s Ignite competition,” said Spark Centre President & CEO, Sherry Colbourne. “Durham Region has incredible bench strength in energy technologies and joining forces with one of Durham Region’s legacy energy companies is a pivotal event for this entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

“Innovation is a key pillar of Ontario Power Generation,” said Jason Van Wart OPG’s Vice President Nuclear Inspections and Maintenance. “We are proud to partner with Spark and the Ignite competition to spur innovation across Ontario.”

Ignite is now entering its fifth year and is a pitch competition organized by Spark Centre and supported by several municipalities and businesses across Durham Region.  OPG is looking to collaborate with innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to develop next-generation technology in the inspection industry. The winner of this category will collaborate with OPG and receive $25,000 of seed funding to further develop their idea.

The OPG category is looking for innovative ideas in the following areas:

  • Automation and Robotics
  • NDE (Non-Destructive Examination)
  • Drones (UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • Process Management
  • Software Solutions
  • Underwater Inspections (Diving Operations)
  • Laser Scanning/Mapping
  • Data Visualization

Applications for all Ignite categories open August 21st and close September 29th.  Those interested in applying can do so at

About OPG: OPG Generates safe, clean, reliable, low-cost power for Ontario. More than 99 per cent of this power is free of smog and greenhouse gas emissions. OPG’s power is priced 40 per cent lower than other generators, which helps moderate customer bills. For more information please visit

About Spark Centre: Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre is one of eighteen not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) that form part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). The centre works to improve competitiveness and visibility of Durham Region and Northumberland County as a world-class innovation cluster. For more information on Spark Centre, please visit


For more information:                                                                     
Amanda Reynolds
Director of Marketing, Spark Innovation Centre

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Ontario Power Generation
416-592-4008 or 1-877-592-4008
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Client Update: Qloud+ – Find Your Files Faster

by Brandon Robinson – VP Customer Engagement, CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies

Like many people and organizations CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies is fully virtual.  We don’t have a ton of servers in our own office, in our homes, or even on our laptops that run all the services vital to modern tech company.  Ranging from our email, CRM, time tracking, software development tools, and yes, files, our business lives in the cloud.

If you, like us, feel that you spend more time looking for your files then working on them, we understand the frustration.

“Was that file in Dropbox or OneDrive?  Do you have the latest spreadsheet from GoogleDrive?  No?  Oh, I put it in the shared folder for everyone to see it. You don’t have permission to view it now? Really? Ok, I’ll email it to you.”

Sound familiar?  Sadly, we know it does.

That’s why we are very excited to announce our new product, QloudPlus (pronounced Cloud Plus). We want you to find your files faster.

QloudPlus was born from the idea that it should be easiest to find your files and get to work, not spending tons of time hunting down the correct file that you know you have, you just can’t put your fingers on it in a hurry. Well, with QloudPlus you will spend less time looking and more time finding.

QloudPlus allows you to:

  • Connect and find your cloud storage accounts in one place;
  • Manage and organize your files without moving them;
  • Do more in record time with Qloud+ Activities and get on with what you really need to do (which isn’t looking for your files!).

We want to help you take back more time in your day that is spent looking for files to work on, and actually get to working on them.

How it works:


Connect to as many cloud storage accounts as you want. Choose from the most popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Spend less time looking and more time finding with easy search tools. Access your recent files, uploads, shares, favorites, all at a glance.


Get more done in less time thanks to Qloud+ Activities. Take action with suggestions on how to better organize your files, save space, find your files faster, and get more done with just one click.

You know you have the file, you just can’t seem to find it. We’re all in this together.

COMING IN SPRING 2017 – QloudPlus – Find Your Files Faster

Learn more at


About CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies

CrossPlatform Cloud Technologies is focused on harnessing the best of the cloud and make it more accessible, easier to use, and to deliver increased levels of simplicity. Ranging from applications to increase day-to-day productivity to scaling business technology challenges, CrossPlatform is committed to making the cloud work for you. CrossPlatform is a proud member of Cohort 4 in the Thrive Accelerator Program at the Spark Centre, one of Ontario’s leading Regional Innovation Centre’s.

Visit the website at for more information.

Client Update: IFTech on CBC Dragons’ Den

Michael and Brodie Stanfield, the father and son duo behind Durham Region based startup, IFTech appeared on the recent Family Episode of CBC’s Dragons’ Den on February 15th and walked out with a deal for their ARAIG gaming suit.

IFTech are leading the next generation of immersive gaming. Their first product, ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) is a high-tech, multi-sensory wearable gaming suit. Whether it is for gaming, training, virtual reality, augmented awareness or another market entirely, ARAIG delivers the most cutting-edge technology to its users.

The Stanfield’s explained that the idea for the ARAIG suit came after playing one of their favourite video games. A huge explosion happened in the game, there was so much action on the screen, but the only physical sensation they got was a slight rumble in the controller. It looked exciting, but it didn’t feel exciting. The ARAIG suit makes it feel like you are right there in the game.

It was Dragon Manjit Minhas that saw the potential and offered a $500,000 for a 25% stake in the company, which Michael and Brodie gladly accepted.

“Getting to go and pitch in front of the Dragons’ was a great opportunity and experience,” said Brodie Stanfield “Being able to receive feedback from the Dragons’ alone was a worthwhile and once in a lifetime experience. We could not be more excited about the outcome.”

Those interested in pre-ordering the ARAIG suit can do so at the following link:

Check out the video below for the full televised IFTech pitch to the Dragons’

Prepare For The Den: Pitch Workshop – Feb 24

Getting Your Pitch Ready for the Den


Dragons’ Den auditions are returning to Oshawa on March 1st. Learn from our expert who has helped many startup companies and entrepreneurs successfully appear on Dragons’ Den, Digital Den and other major pitch competitions.

This workshop will be useful for anyone looking for information on how to deliver a better investment pitch. The difference between a great pitch and a poor pitch can change your companies’ future!

We are holding two workshops on February 24th! 12:00pm – 1:30pm and 6:00pm – 7:30pm at Core 21 (21 Simcoe St S, Oshawa)


What You Will Learn:

  • The 8 key components of an investment pitch
  • The difference between pitching to investors and TV producers
  • The importance of content and delivery
  • What questions will the dragons ask
  • How to deal with presentation anxiety
  • How to make it a pitch the dragons will remember

About the Presenter:
Robert J. Weese is an author, speaker, business coach, entrepreneur and advisor at Spark Centre. A former broadcaster turned sales professional Bob has worked with Spark Centre clients to helped them hone their investment pitches. Spark Clients have received funding from major Canadian Pitch Competitions, Angel Investors, launched successful KickStarter campaigns, and appeared on the TV shows Dragons’ Den and Digital Den.

Learn more about the hosts:

Spark Centre


FastStart Durham College

UOIT Brilliant Entrepreneurship