MaRS Discovery District’s 2017 Studio Y Fellowship

The MaRS Discovery District’s Studio Y Fellowship brings ambitious young professionals together at MaRS to learn and innovate around the theme of systems leadership.

Applications are now open for the MaRS Discovery District’s Studio Y Fellowship for the 2017-2018 cohort.

Studio Y is a part-time, flexible, and funded fellowship focused on teaching Systems Leadership to young professionals. We develop the skills and competencies required for today’s workforce.

Studio Y is a program that invests in research, technology, and thought leadership in order to harness the leadership potential of Ontario’s young professionals. The Fellowship features experiential learning to inspire innovation, and to address complex challenges within our four areas of learning:

  • Health
  • Energy and The Environment
  • Finance and Commerce
  • Work and Learning

Studio Y will help unleash your inner potential, unlock your creative impulses, and equip you to explore. Most importantly, you will join a community, and alumni network comprised of driven Systems Leaders that will offer support and encouragement.

Fellows will be given the coaching, curriculum, and resources to tackle these challenges and emerge as Systems Leaders.

If you are a young professional interested in pursuing Systems Leadership at the MaRS Discovery District, reside in Ontario, and are 29 years of age and under, apply to the Studio Y Fellowship by June 28th at

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