Spark Centre’s Cohort 4 Summer Student and Youth Incubator is now underway. This is a great opportunity for some of Durham’s student entrepreneurs to come together and build their businesses. Working out of The Loft, you’ll learn many of the key skills necessary to build a successful business venture! Please join us in welcoming the following companies into the 2016 Summer Incubator:

Ohh Products LTD

Ohh Products pecialize in creating products for people that have dietary restrictions.

Phantom Studios

Our company aims to captivate and inspire through the rising digital platform of video games. We believe in laughter and fun, and strive to become a leader in interactive entertainment.


GeekIT is a remote IT assistance company that are there to help resolve all computer related issues from a remote location. Through the use of subscription services we can provide a level of service suitable to the needs of our customers. Both founders have a background in IT and are well versed in modern technology. We aim to provide a friendly, professional and timely service to all of our customers


Boardm is a web based service which connects students looking to do home maintenance tasks with home owners who want more freedom with their time.

Tool Belt Technologies

Tool Belt Technologies is a software company that strives to help emerging game developers enhance their user’s experience. Toolbelt Tech does this with their analytics tool, Vixen, which helps optimize the playtesting process.

Work In Progress

A breathable three piece suit designed for athletes or working professionals. No dry cleaning required.


Mager is an online service for students who are looking for flexible, on-demand employment, that matches them with students who are looking for inexpensive cleaning services for their homes. Our goal is to eliminate the stress of having messy roommates through our intuitive platform & up-front pricing, while providing students with opportunities for strong income.


Alaire is a complete air remediation system for environments with poor air quality. Through the application of bio-mimicry and algae based organisms, Alaire filters and re-oxygenate the air we all need to breathe.

World Plan

For-Profit Organization that provides clothing corporations the ability to initiate a soon-to-be industry standard in recycling. Similar to the Beer Store deposit program, consumers will be charged an additional fee at the point of sale which will then be returned when the clothing is brought back to our recycling centres to ensure that these precious materials are being properly reused and/or disposed.

Turnkey Aquaponics
Surgery Sim VR
Multimedia Platform