Featured Clients

Spark Centre’s Featured Clients to Watch in 2018!

Dash MD

Providing patients with the tools and resources they need to successfully traverse their road to recovery after a visit to the hospital.

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Hexyoo Scientific

Developers of a viscoelastic polymers (gel) that dissipates pressure, regulates temperature, accommodates body friction and shear between the person and the interface.

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IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. is a high tech innovation company creating solutions to improve and bring about change across as many industries as possible.

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MobileXCo is a mobile solution company driven by a passion for exceptional user experiences while delivering strategic use of real-time data.

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National Prostaff

The leading Social Network for anglers, brands, tournaments, and outfitters.

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Sound Options

Sound Options provides effective treatments for reducing chronic ringing in the ears by working with hearing clinics to provide a software-generated customized sound therapy embedded in music.

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Zambah is a mobile application platform dedicated to exposing and promoting independent music artists to wide variety of new fans.

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CrossPlatform is focused on harnessing the best of the cloud and make it more accessible, easier to use, and delivering innovative products for users.

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An interchangeable smartwatch that allows for a smart component to be swapable throughout various designs and watch styles.

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Boshkung Brewing Co.

Boshkung Brewing Co. is a small batch brewery focused on cottage living, local fare and great tasting beer.

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iApotheca Healthcare

Software for pharmacies and nursing homes that digitalizes policies and procedures allowing managers and owners to see conformation reports and allowing them to share information across many pharmacy locations.

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KAI Innovations

KAI Innovations is a full service Electronic Medical Record (EMR) provider that provides smaller clinics an end to end solution to convert from paper to electronic charts.

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Turnkey Aquaponics Solutions

Turnkey Aquaponics Solutions designs, manufactures and installs scalable turnkey aquaponics systems for rural and industrial applications.

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Creators of lynk device, a secure wireless device for mobile smart devices to secure personal and medication data.

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WAI Products Limited

Pushing boundries by providing professional water supply, irrigation & landscape lighting products, WAI Products Ltd. is a full service distributor and sales organization.

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Wetraq is a portable credit card sized global tracking device for parents, caregivers and pet owners to track what is most precious to them.

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